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I recently announced here that I, and my immediate family, tested positive for COVID-19 on October 7th, 2021. I wanted to follow up and let everyone know that we are all doing well now. We each have some lingering symptoms; however, life is pretty much moving forward at this point.

We cannot thank you enough for your thoughts and prayers. God has been with us throughout every minute of every day of this process and we praise Him for giving us His peace while bringing us back to health.

My lingering symptom is sudden extreme exhaustion and brain fog. Please understand that there may be times that I may not answer an email until the next day or even two days later. That doesn't mean that I'm ignoring you, only that I'm not in a position to answer you at that time. Your students will continue to be covered from the time of registration/renewal and we can work together to get the rest figured out. Thank you all for your patience with me!

Thank you and have a blessed day,
Lynda Rowley~CHA Owner/Administrator (and sole employee!)
November 4, 2021


Cheerful Heart Academy is a non-traditional private school serving as an umbrella for home educated students in the state of Florida.

Cheerful Heart Academy is registered with the Florida Department of Education as a private non-public school. (FLDOE #5844)  Our purpose is to provide parents with the structured organization and accountability of a school while they enjoy the benefits of teaching at home. We hope to help many parents with this responsibility of giving their children a superior education.

Cheerful Heart Academy does not provide...Read More!

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If you have never had a student enrolled with Cheerful Heart Academy, or have not been current as of October 2019, this is where you start!
If you have a student currently enrolled, but need to enroll a sibling - please log into the website to find the "Add a Sibling" form.


When it's time to renew for the year - here's the place to do it! Don't forget to turn in your attendance please. I will send you an invoice soon after I receive your renewal.
If you have questions, contact Lynda at [email protected]


Submit your attendance by clicking the button above and following the instructions. If you have questions, please contact Lynda at [email protected]