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Cheerful Heart Academy is a non-traditional private school serving as an umbrella for home educated students in the state of Florida.

Cheerful Heart Academy is registered with the Florida Department of Education as a private non-public school. (FLDOE #5844)  Our purpose is to provide parents with the structured organization and accountability of a school while they enjoy the benefits of teaching at home. We hope to help many parents with this responsibility of giving their children a superior education.

Cheerful Heart Academy does not provide transcripts, grades, curriculum, or testing at this time.

  • Annual enrollment fees are $25 for the first student; $15 for each sibling.
  • Enrollment is accepted year round.

Cheerful Heart Academy is affiliated with Florida Virtual School. Cheerful Heart Academy students from Kindergarten through high school can take up to 6 virtual classes through Florida Virtual School. (This does not mean that your student is automatically enrolled in FLVS, only that they have the option to enroll in their FLEX program if they wish.)

Cheerful Heart Academy does not require standardized testing, but does suggest that our students use some form of yearly evaluation. We also highly recommend that you keep a portfolio of your student's work and activities.

It is our belief that children need to have a cheerful heart in order to be able to receive knowledge and instruction. When their spirit is crushed, they are not interested in the world around them. Take the time to find something to laugh about with your student everyday. Foster a cheerful heart in your student and you will find that they will soar.


If you have never had a student enrolled with Cheerful Heart Academy, or have not been current as of October 2019, this is where you start!
If you have a student currently enrolled, but need to enroll a new student - please contact the admin at cheerfulheartacademy@yahoo.com to find out how to add the new student.


When it's time to renew for the year - here's the place to do it! Don't forget to turn in your attendance please. I will send you an invoice soon after I receive your renewal.
If you have questions, contact Lynda at cheerfulheartacademy@yahoo.com.


Submit your attendance by clicking the button above and following the instructions. If you have questions, please contact Lynda at cheerfulheartacademy@yahoo.com.