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Cheerful Heart Academy Renewal Form

Please be sure to fill out each area completely. I will invoice you for the annual tuition of $25 for the first student; $15 for each additional student - non-refundable - after I have received the form(s). I will need a separate form for each student. 

If you prefer to print the form and send it via email or mail, you can click here to print it.  You can send printed forms to:

Cheerful Heart Academy
ATTN: Lynda Rowley
581 18th ST SE
Naples, FL 34117


You can scan and email the form to [email protected]

If you have questions, contact Lynda at [email protected] 

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Date of Registration Renewal:

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Parent Name (if you need a Teacher ID for both parents, please include both names):

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Parent's Email Address:

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Would you prefer to correspond via email or regular mail?

Email Always Snail Mail Only
Mail for Important Documents; Email for Everything Mail most of the time; email for emergencies only
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Student's Name:

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Student's Gender

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Student's Grade Level:*The Student Grade is only for overall reporting purposes for the state. The state does not require each student's grade level, but does require a headcount of how many students a private school has in each grade. If your child spans more than one grade, just choose the lower grade.